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Pikachu is very cute and the theme of my blog is cute things and fashion thus for I will give away a brand new Pikachu 3DS with Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire depending on the winners choice!


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  • it’ll be shipped to you with my name on it.

deadline is november 10th. 

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This country is such a fucking joke. Did you know that if we were to divide the income in this country fairly it would be about 300,000 per person. That’s annually. You could give each person in this country 100,000 and still have enough to invest in infrastructure and research. Instead we have people who don’t have water, don’t have their basic human rights fulfilled, because they don’t have enough to pay a bill. 

Capitalism is inhumane.

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why does kotaku let people who don’t play games write articles about playing games

yes, i really love not being able to move both my character and camera at the same time

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A lot of dudes think women dress slutty for them, but honestly if men weren’t such fucking animals I would dress 300000% more slutty then I do now. You people ruin everything.  

I wanna wear this shit outside god damn it. 

Oh my god SO TRUE. I would constantly wear thigh highs and short skirts and underbust corsets because I look so fucking good. God forbid women like their OWN bodies, too.

For real !! like 90 % of my fucking wardrobe now is just for cam cause it’s too sexy to wear in public. Fucking bullshit.  I use to wear thigh highs with garters with shorts a lot but I got sooo many comments. Fucking… people. You literally just saw the tops of my thighs. But all the dudes are like ‘Why wear that if you don’t want attention???’ cause i look fine as hell and I don’t give a shit about some fucking random broke ass dudes on the corner. 

I can’t even express how much this describes my feelings. Bitch I wear my corsets and my fishnets and my heels the size you wish your dick was because they make me feel fucking fabulous, not because I want you to tell me how much you’d like to “smash” me.

Heels the size you wish your dick was.

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I need more embarassed!rin

(that shit would hurt though like foreal)

click images for high-res

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The Sex Talk: YouTube edition.

This video could have saved literally hundreds of thousands of people the embarrassment of the sex ed of my school days, holy crap. So useful. Saving this for about 10 years until my kid needs the talk.

Reblogging for all of it, but particularly the proper hymen commentary. 

Reblogging to find later.

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