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"All is All!" baby……

I don’t have much followers,so pleaaaseee,spread this around,be appreciated :)

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biting ur cheek



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Israel has begun it’s campaign in launching the biggest ground assault on Gaza in more than 5 years.

The people of Gaza have absolutely no chance at this point. Israel will do anything to wipe Gaza off the planet. WE MUST TAKE ACTION. BOOST

The Israeli government has given the military permission to mobilize up to 40,000 additional reservists as it steps up an offensive in the Gaza Strip aimed at eradicating the source of the Palestinian Rocket Fire. 

The last time a ground invasion occurred was in 2009 when 4,000 Israeli troops were deployed in Gaza. The death toll added up to 13 Israeli deaths (3 from friendly fire) and 1,417 Palestinian Deaths which included 114 women and 431 children.

This time there are ten times as many troops being deployed. Already casualties from rocket fire are escalating well past precedent; One can only imagine the toll this ground invasion will take on the Palestinian people. 

The only way the fighting will end is if Israel agrees to a peace treaty that gives Palestine their land back along the original 1967 borders declared by the United Nations (which still allocates a disproportionately larger amount of land to the Israeli people). 

Please signal boost this to spread awareness and pray for the civilians of both countries involved. 

Boost the shit out of this.

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Pokemon: The best way to play is to EV train, IV breed, choose party based on moveset and weakness, then-
Me: No, use the cute ones
Yugioh: You have to play strategically and use these OP car-
Me: nO.... The cUte oNeS
Animal Crossing: Its best to have a diversity of personality types in choosing your neighbo-


Hello, I’m going to host a cosplay giveaway for my lovely followers and cosplayers who need money for cosplay.


  • Any cosplay $200 or less
  • Any wig $50 or less
  • Circle lens from Candylens
  • One Nendoroid from any store of your choice


  • Any cosplay under $150
  • Any wig $40 or less
  • Circle lens from Candylens


  • Any cosplay under $100
  • Any wig $30 or less
  • Circle lens from Candylens


  • Must be following me.
  • Reblogs only, likes do not count. The more you reblog, the higher your chance is of winning either place.
  • Giveaway blogs do indeed count for this one.
  • I ship internationally, so don’t worry.
  • Winners will be selected via a random generator.
  • Your ask box must be open & when you win you have to give out your address.

The giveaway ends September 20th, good luck.


Pan has a wicked bad sweet tooth. Lucky Pink is usually there after a mega sugar bender…

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"Eeveelutions are pretty cool" giveaway

Hello, I remade and I think it’s time for a new rad giveaway o/ Thank you for the many people who have already followed me too!

You will win:

  • A brand new eevee 3DS XL.
  • Any eeveelution keychain of your choice
  • Any eeveelution plush of your choice under $40


  •         Must be following me. I’m strictly Pokemon-only.
  •         Only reblogs count, liking can be used for bookmarking only
  •         No giveaway blogs or inactive sideblogs, meaning they don’t count
  •         You must give out your address so I can ship it to you, but that’s only after you win!
  •         If you’re under 16 make sure you have your parents consent I don’t wanna get in trouble.
  •         This is international, I pay for shipping.
  •         Winners will be chosen by a random generator
  •         If you do not respond within 48 hours it goes to the next one in line.

    It ends September 15th. Good luck.

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send me a character


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

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« When we look back, everything seems better. Maybe it is true… And maybe, it’s just that we got worse in the meantime. »

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one-heck-of-a-phantomhive said: This is so freaking cute and perfect omfg I love it!! I want one omg. How’d you get this person to make it for you?

aaaaah I know!!! Literal perfect art uwu I wish I could draw like them!! I didn’t make them draw it for me, it came to me as a surprise when I checked my inbox~ I was so surprised and happy that someone would actually do something like this for me I’m still squealing like a fangirl over it haha


Btw please go check out Ponpoe’s art and blog!!! Their really amazing!

i do icon commissions for $5 but i was feeling generous today uwu;

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